Promo for Weekday Bookings!

Stop racing for reservations on the weekends, and experience Laguna’s peace and quiet even in the weekdays. 

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Weekday Promos

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Promo for Longer Stays!

Thinking of staying in Laguna for a little longer than the usual holiday for an adventure? Maybe even go sightseeing, roadtrip, or just maybe you prefer a change of pace from working from home (WFH) literally from home?

Maybe you’re even looking for a special getaway from the city with your newly wed partner! 

We are offering a special promo of 10% off per night for long term bookings (>7 days)!

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We are now open for reservations! Rest assured, we are maintaining the highest standards of hygiene amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


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100% Smoke Free

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Pet Allowed: No

Booking Promos for Celyn Private Resort!!

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